We leave junk everywhere and Space is no exception!

While everyday activities are becoming more dependent on Space technology, the junk orbiting earth is becoming a vulnerable threat for the future space technology development

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Number of Satellites launched till date


Number of operating satellites still in Orbit


Number of Debris regularly tracked

Space Debris

We depend on Satellite Data like Navigation, Internet, Communication, Weather Forecasting. A tiny piece can damage satellite and disrupts the satellite services.


Objects greater than 10cm

130 Million

Space Debris smaller than 1cm

10,100 Tonnes

Total mass of space objects in Earth's orbit

Who We Are

At SpaceTug, our coolest minds work together to innovate and design efficient solutions to mitigate space junk which can be a hindrance to human advancement. We aim to create a sustainable and collision free space.


Robotic Manipulator


On-Orbit servicing

Vision Based Navigation System

Rendezvous Proximity Operation and docking

Collision Avoidance System


It is difficult for humanity to unlearn the ease of using Technology dependent on Space Science, so we as a team desire to make our Space sustainable, so that we can enjoy the fruits of Space Science without disruptions.

Hari Shankar

Co-Founder & CEO

“Hari is an as astroprenuer ambitiously working on Debris mitigation Project as a Technical head and igniting the love for Space among enthusiastic young learner. His key area of work is Robotics, he also possesses expertise in tools like Space CAD and System Toolkit.He initially started his career in the Software industry and then his passion for Space Science pulled him into starting his own company to fight Space Junk.He has always been keen to contribute to Research and Development while inculcating the same to the young minds.He possesses a multidimensional and holistic approach towards work and people.”


Co-Founder & COO

“Sugashini hails from a Civil Engineering background with an immense knowledge of Physics and Mathematics. She has been resourceful and very professional in companies she previously interned in. At SpaceTug as an Operation Analyst she aims to create a crisis free environment and contribute to the development of the company both qualitatively and quantitatively.Her education in Engineering has provided her a lens to look at everything from a multidisciplinary, empirical and critical point of view which can help her resolve issues and contribute to an efficient function of the Organisation”

Swetha Mohanachandran

Co-Founder & CTO

“Swetha is a significant member of the technical team with an educational background in Mechatronics and a passion for Space Science. She is efficient in Structural design, Robotics, electronics and Mechanical sphere. As a 22 year old she walked into Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DRDO), Bangalore as Project Trainee and worked with a remarkable team. She admires to strategy and execution of all product-related duties, including the creation of new products and developing existing ones. phases, a product production plan, and increasing brand recognition beginning with the idea phase to liberate..”

Yuvaraj Singh

Robotics & AI System Engineer

“Yuvaraj is equally adept in technical and non-technical tasks. In his past positions, he was an excellent team player. He excels in the fields of robotics, networking and embedded& IOT technologies. He has hands-on experience in robotics and Embedded field. He has software expertise in Robotic Operating systems,MATLAB & Simulink, Arduino IDE,Linux operating systems etc”

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